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The Tartt Law Firm fully understand the nuances of insurance coverage and insurance bad faith litigation. Indeed, Henri W. Tartt, Jr. has given seminars on insurance to claims representative. Thus, The Firm will pursue your insurance claim in and/or out of court, as appropriate.


Where appropriate, The Tartt Law Firm will, prior to filing a lawsuit, interact and negotiate with the insurance company so as attempt to obtain your insurance benefits more quickly. But if that does not work, then a lawsuit or other appropriate legal proceeding will be sought/filed and the insurance company sued for breach of contract and/or bad faith in handling your claim. All kinds of things can happen to you after you file a claim with your insurer, a non-exhaustive list is that it can: accept but underpay your claim; accept but slow-pay your claim; overlook coverages after conducting an unreasonable investigation; and/or the insurer can otherwise act against your interests “without proper cause.” Of course, the insurance company can just deny your claim outright from the beginning. Have no fear The Firm handles a variety of complex insurance matters and vigorously endeavors to obtain all of the insurance benefits and other damages/relief that you deserve.  


Depending on the facts, The Tartt Law Firm may pursue your insurance broker for damages if they caused your property to be underinsured or otherwise failed or misled you regarding your policy such that they are liable pursuant to California law. There are only a few circumstances that allow you to recover damages from your broker, and The Firm is on the cutting edge of the law so as to obtain such. And for the right situation, The Firm can use the court system to “make new law.”

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